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long covid wearable study

We aim to see whether wearable devices improve Long COVID symptom management.

Recent studies have shown that activity management can be an effective method of managing and treating symptoms of Long COVID. To continue to gain knowledge of this poorly understood condition, we are planning The Long COVID Wearable Study. This one-year study will gather survey and wearable data in a bid to better manage symptoms and empower study participants to manage their health.

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Watch lead investigator Julia Moore Vogel, PhD, and our Director and Founder Eric Topol, MD, and learn more about our motivations and vision.

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“There is not a lot of research going on for Long COVID. The fact that it is being looked at is huge. This condition is scary because there are so many symptoms and doctors don’t know what to expect, so collecting this data is so important because it has the potential to be so impactful for so many people. This study empowers individuals to have more control over their body and to feel validated in what is happening to their bodies.”

Estela Mata
Long COVID user tester

By the Numbers

Out of all people diagnosed with COVID-19, it is estimated that 10–30% have Long COVID, including 17 million in the United States and 75 million worldwide.

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